Lucy Pireel serves up tasty horror with ‘A Menu of Death’

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Today (that’s September 30, 2013 for the possible time travelers from the future that are totally stalking this page) author Lucy Pireel debuted “A Menu of Death” a collection of stories centered around vengeance, obsession, cravings, and life.

Pick one item of the Menu or devour the entire buffet.

Make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew

Read, but not with greed for

Death awaits, ready to come and collect its due

These eight short stories revolve around obsession, revenge, craving, love, and Death. Whether it be a woman in need of rescue, a man who hungers for his wife, a demon lost, or wishes come true, all characters want something. Badly. But, you can’t always get what you want, but you might just get what you need.

On of the most important ingredients to a great horror story is a scary location.  Lucy Pireel shares with us the ten locations that scare her silly.


  • 1. Under water cave, because I have a profound fear of big bodies of water.
  • 2. A room full of women, because they expect you to talk to them. :-)
  • 3. Spider infested house. Eeeeps! What if they start crawling all over me?
  • 4. The Rainforest, who knows what unknown, and deadly to humans, viruses wait there for hosts to be spread among us.
  • 5. Kindergarten, I love kids, but when there’s so many, what do you do? Yikes! What if they all want to hear a story and I start telling them mine?
  • 6. On stage, behind the speaker’s desk, in front of an audience. *tries not to hyperventilate*
  • 7. The dentist. I have a good set of teeth, but the sound of that drill …
  • 8. The doctor’s to get inoculations. No needles, or syringes filled with whatever, anywhere near me!
  • 9. In a coffin underground, because they buried me alive! That one is kind of obvious why not, right?
  • 10. Art class, because I can never reach the level I feel everyone else has.

About the Author

Lucy Pireel is a writer who doesn’t let herself be restricted to any one genre. She loves to write in whatever direction her current story leads her.

When she’s not writing, or reading, she is practicing or teaching yoga, her other passion. Or she could be on a long hike somewhere in the beautiful British nature.

Being an author it is almost a given she has a great love for chocolate and coffee to live on while writing, but she doesn’t shy away from trying to prepare intricate dishes, for cooking is another thing she enjoys.

Should you want to follow her she can be found at:

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  1. Lucy Pireel
    Lucy Pireel October 1, 2013 at 4:55 pm | | Reply

    Hi Erin, thanks for this great post attracting even more attention to my Menu of Death!

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